Heading outdoors with your family? These expert tips help you get more out of your outdoor moments

Heading outdoors with your family? These expert tips help you get more out of your outdoor moments

People are enjoying the outdoors in record numbers — whether they’re adventure-seeking outdoor enthusiasts, casual hikers, or families looking for more time to discover the outside world. Enjoying Mother Nature has countless benefits for people of all ages, like encouraging healthy habits while having fun, but it’s important you’re prepared for your adventure.

This summer, Duracell has teamed up with outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls to share some tips on how to make the most of your time outdoors with your family and friends. From dedicated planning to establishing necessities for your trip, like sunscreen and powerful batteries, you will be ready to explore the great outdoors.

Be Your Own Expert

Have a plan for your time outdoors, and don’t be afraid to be your own expert. You don’t always need a survival guide or wilderness warrior to get the most out of your adventure, but remember the importance of being flexible, especially if adventuring with small children. Summer is the perfect time to plan a trip with your friends and family and have fun the way you want to. As long as your trek is planned out and you have the appropriate gear, devices, and power sources packed, then you will be set up for the adventure of a lifetime! And remember, gear like headlamps, radios, walkie talkies and flashlights are just as important as your sleeping bag and water. Without a power source these won’t work, so make sure you pack reliable and powerful batteries which will help you find your way or communicate when out on your adventure!

Pack Smart

Packing can be a challenge for outdoor family activities. You want to have everything necessary to be comfortable, but you don’t want to lug around any more than you need. To direct your packing, focus on the activities you’re doing and the predicted weather. Some necessities include sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, batteries and food. Having a small kit with bandages, wipes and ointment is good for any bumps or scrapes. If rain is in the forecast or conditions are damp, pack a disposable poncho for each person. Always wear proper shoes for whatever activity you’re doing and add an extra pair of socks to ensure dry feet.

Stay Powered

From helping flashlights and headlamps stay bright to powering your instant camera, batteries are an outdoor essential that helps you have fun and stay safe. When packing, make sure to include the new Duracell batteries with Power Boost Ingredients, which are Engineered for More and can deliver more life in some devices or more power in others*, making them THE battery to power all of your outdoor adventures this summer.

Spending time outdoors is a fantastic way to bond with your family and friends. These simple planning tips can help ensure people of all ages and outdoor abilities enjoy their time in Mother Nature and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit Duracell.com/PowerBoost to learn more about how to get the most out of your outdoor adventures, and for information on, and how to get involved with, the brand’s mission with Make-A-Wish this summer to help power outdoor wishes for children with critical illnesses.

*vs previous coppertop batteries, new Duracell with Power Boost ingredients can deliver more life in some devices or more power in others in a wide range of devices

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